A Cat's Life ('Une Vie de Chat'). Dir. Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli. Gebeka Films. 2010.

Title: A Cat's Life ('Une Vie de Chat')
Director: Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli
Year: 2010
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Imaginary animals No
Kind of Animals: Cat, Dog, Elephant, Giraffe, Orang-utan, Rat, Spider
Human-Animal Relation: Animal Agency, Language/Communication, Pet keeping, Training, Violence
Distributor: Gebeka Films
Article Type: Full
Film Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Animation, Caper, Children's, Comedy, Crime/Gangster, Detective, Drama, Expressionist, Family, Film Noir, Suspense/Thriller

Isle of Dogs. Dir. Wes Anderson. Fox Searchlight Pictures. 2018.

Title: Isle of Dogs
Director: Wes Anderson
Year: 2018
Country: US
Language: English
Imaginary animals No
Kind of Animals: Dog
Human-Animal Relation: Gendering, Military, Pet keeping, Religion/Worship, Service animals, Training, Violence
Distributor: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Article Type: Zoom
Film Genre(s): Animation, Caper, Comedy, Satire